Finding Your G-Spot Part 2

For the most part I'm a pretty intuitive computer user. New programs don't faze me as I just go off and play with the buttons and toolbars till I figure it out.

But, if you're like me, there are still those moments when someone tells you to double-click the whatchamacallit button on the top left of the screen and you feel as if you've gone blind.

"Ummmm, where?" you ask?

"Top left."

"Oh." Your eyes scan and scan and you still don't see it.

"Isn't there a keyboard shortcut?" you ask hopefully.

"I don't bleeding know! Just double click it!"


"Oh, nevermind, HERE, it's done" and they press the button that eluded you while staring you in the face.

So, with that in mind, and as there's a fair bit of back and forth in the following tutorial, I filmed a vlog for it instead. I promise I won't curse at you if you can't find what you're supposed to click, just rewind and replay till you figure it out.

The baby, however, is pretty certainly cursing at me while I film it. Please ignore him. He's had too much to drink.

The following vlog will help you learn how to install the G-Reader Share widget in your blog as well as introduce you to some of the ways to maximise and simplify your G-Reader experience.

You'll want to make it full screen in order to read it better. Hope the audio comes through. My sound card on the laptop is broken and the kid's computer has a very fuzzy and distorted speaker system, but it sounded okay to me even with all that.


  1. woohoo! Get you and you technical abilities!

  2. Cool verbal annotations from the baby! So techy..brilliant..

  3. I'm doing it! Woohoo- I'm doing it!

  4. OMG - now I have HOMEWORK to contend with AS WELL?

    Fuck. When I am supposed to have fun? You know, like partying, and dancing and drinking and singing silly songs and poking fun at the girl in the weird dress tucked into her knickers...

    Right. Will report back. *sticks out bottom lip*

    LCM x

  5. F*ck - must be doing something wrong.
    Or maybe I am just Nobby-no-mates.

    When I click on 'Add a clip to your web site or blog', the window pops up and says my 'shared items has no items'.

    Nobody loves me, everybody hates me....

    Do you not just have a magic wand?

  6. Actually, forget that. I figured it out but there is - ahem - a problem.

    My real name appears when you click on 'view all' from the blog (even when I am not logged in). So have had to delete it until I find an alternative...

    Ho hum.

  7. Done it. Check me out!

    Only took me several *cough* attempts.
    Guess that means I have graduated now, no longer a rookie?

  8. You are now a Queen of Social Media - a perfect princess of digital technology - or a potty-mouther blogger. Either way, sorry I didn't get back to you with more info yesterday - I was wrangling children in high winds. Headed over to your blog now to check it out.

  9. OMG! I am so jealous of your voice, it's gorgeous.

    Also thanks for the greader tutorial!


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