Warning: this post is not interesting

So the number one rule of blogging is don't talk about blogging.


Hello audience? You don't exist apparently. This is just my own personal journal which instead of hiding under a mattress in the guest bedroom (don't look) I've made public to the entire world. I certainly don't care how many people read my blog or my visitation stats. No sirree.

The number two rule of blogging is don't post posts about why you haven't been blogging. That's a big no-no. Excuses, excuses, excuses right?

Except here's the thing. I actually do care about you - my readers. I care about the fact that you subscribed to this blog and for the last week I've given you nothing, nada, zip. I think it's awesome that even though I haven't posted anything new in the last week, I've gotten four new followers and hundreds of visits.

I care that I made a vow to myself to blog every day and I haven't been doing that. Because I'm torn. I want to blog every day, but I also want to write meaningful posts. And meaningful posts take time to research and write. They don't flow like snakes from my head.

So, here's what's up:

1. I've been working on a volunteer committe for World Breastfeeding Week. In Canada, just to be different, we celebrate it the first week of October. I've been trying to organise more media around the events for the entire Western Region of our province. It's been several years since they've done anything for it, so there's a lot of delays and confusion. However, fair warning, next week will be all about breastfeeding. For the whole week I will be posting about various issues in breastfeeding. At the beginning of the week I will put up a McLinky for everyone else to share their breastfeeding posts too. I expect brilliance. From everyone.

2. I'm broke. Beyond broke, actually. I spend a lot of time every day applying for jobs and preparing article proposals. We need more money. And we need it now. And between trying to find the money, worrying about the money we don't have and trying to figure out ways to stretch what little we do have, there's not a lot of room left in my brain for other thoughts.

4. I have four posts half-written. All wonderful thought-provoking posts you'll enjoy. For some reason I just can't seem to finish them. I will.

5. I've been working on launching a new blog - a joint one that my husband and I will post book reviews to. I sort of hope that some people might decide to buy the books and that they might click through from our amazon associates account. See number 2 above. But also I want my husband to have an opportunity to share his librarian brilliance and I have a lot of expereince in engaging children and young adults in literacy. The responsible thing is to share that.  I've experienced some technical glitches. Essentially blogger can't do what I want it to do. But I can't afford to self-host. See number 2.

6. I have three kids. They're really crazy, demanding kids. Yeah, aren't they all, right? Except mine are a little more demaning than most. In the past week I've started my eldest on Concerta for ADHD and prepped him for his first ever spelling test. I've had to administer gallons of lactuolose to the middle child and try to push up her ultrasound appointment while also try to follow up with the doctor on her EEG results. The youngest has had croup, I've scheduled speech therapy and an MRI for him this week. We've all had a cold. My husband's been out of town. And even on my best more organised days, I can only write after the kids are in bed. I'm writing now when they are awake and since this posts has started I've been interrupted twelve times. Twelve. It's taken me exactly 28 minutes just to write this. Actually I've just been interruped three more times as I tried to write those three sentences. It's now been 40 minutes.

Forty minutes for a not very interesting post. Sorry if you feel it's a waste of time.

Thanks for reading. Normal service will resume shortly. (2 more interruptions)


  1. 'for the last week I've given you nothing, nada, zip'

    I dunno about that, I had a very interesting chat with you on Twitter about monkey porn. I'm allowed to say porn right? Cause I'd hate to be saying bad words like porn all over your blog if porn was one of the words that you expressly forbade. Anyway, yeah, monkey porn, sorry, chimp porn. You gave me that. In fact, you are a first, you popped my monkey porn, sorry, chimp porn, cherry. You see, it wasn't all doom and gloom this week.

    Oh and pull your finger out. Never mind all this rubbish about being busy blah blah blah. whatevs, talk to the hand baby, and get pumping those posts out. What, you can't take your laptop to the hospital appointments with you? you can't type in your sleep? What's wrong with you woman?!

  2. What she said.

    Anyway, we love you - regardless of how broke you are and whether you post every hour, every day or even just once a month.

    Oh, and my walking on water ability is progressing admirably. Maybe if I teach you it will earn you a bit on the side? Money, that is, not monkey porn.

    LCM x

  3. Actually, I was quite entertained with this post!

  4. Breastfeeding? Not sure I can add any anecdotes myself but I'll certainly be round read other's...!

    Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging but then, when everything calms down, I find it's actually furnished me with loads of material for new blog posts. It's all good. ;-)

  5. Thing is, a good blog doesn't need daily posts.
    Looking forward to both unfinished posts and the breastfeeding ones.
    I'm amazed you can write anything with such interruptions - I definitely can't. Not a multitasker me, so respect and hat off.

  6. I agree with what that lot up there said. By the way you need to call for the money, ask the universe for help, ask the universe to very kindly please send you some money and write yourself a cheque for how much you need. Plus maybe look at wordpress.org for you review site or speak to heather and maybe make it a review forum - will make the site stickier and you will get money from google adwords potentially.

    By the way this a great post - stop feeling sorry for yourself, we love you - c'mon chicken crack a smile and think of the monkey porn! xx

  7. Well firstly you can blog about whatever the hell you like! And we like to know we exist! *waves*

    1) WOOT for breastfeeding!

    2) Good luck with the job hunting, I really, really hope something comes up soon to ease the situation. *hugs*

    5) Sounds like a plan. Have you tried wordpress? You might be able to get closer to what you're after on that, worth a shot.

    6) Sheesh lady, times are tough at the moment, eh. *big hugs* shout if you need a vent or a cry or anything. Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way right now.

  8. And now I'm stuck on Monkey Porn. Damn you Heather!! Meanwhile, you don't have to post every day to rock our world, Dara. We love you. And I'm sorry you've all been sick and dealing with a lot. You know that my blog has been languishing by the side of the road lately and I've decided to stop feeling guilty about it. We can only do what we can do. And you, Dara, are awesomeness. True awesomeness. I'm really impressed by the work with the breastfeeding awareness and am looking forward to your posts on BF next week. Let me know if you need any help with that. I'm a hard core lactavist and am still nursing my 3 year old who tells me reguarly, "I want that nipple. It has more milk in it. I'm not saving any for later."

  9. I feel I've really missed something. What's with all the monkey porn? I'm learning that I can't keep the promise I made to myself to blog everyday. IN fact I think some days when I force myself to blog when I'm too tired to think I stuff it up. Maybe you should give yourself a break hun, there's a crap load of stuff you've been doing and a whole lot of yourself you've been giving out. We're here. We love your writing. We enjoy your blog. It's like that box of chocolates of Forest Gump's - you never know what you're going to get.

    But we do know it will be worth reading. As this post was. Big hugs. xx

  10. I'm with that lot.
    Your blog is brilliant, one of the few that I return to frequently; even when I don't receive an email, I navigate to you anyway, just to make sure I'm not missing something. So there. You're great, accept it.
    And as Cartside said, you don't need to post every day. Hell, I only manage one or two a week, and I don't even have any babies yet - imagine how unproductive I'll be in four weeks' time.

  11. Wow you've been busy. When I haven't posted for a few days it's usually because I've been to busy reading other people's blogs, not actually getting on with real life.

    Hope you get some luck on the job front and the kids are better. x

  12. I couldn't blog every day I'd start writing about bowel movements or something. Pace yourself lady! it's Ok to have a break and just not mention. i have NEVER EVER quoted Margaret Thatcher on anything but she once said "Never apologise, never explain" OK, sometimes that's a bit rude, like if you are barging into a funeral 20 mins late or something but otherwise I think it means...no-one really notices except you so don't draw attention to it.

    Christ i can't believe I just quoted one of Britain's most hated women....


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