The Prodigal Blogger Returns....And Gone.

There I was: notes in hand, photos ready to go, drafting my first post in forever.

Then I heard a dog bark.

Funny thing. I don't have a dog. And the rabbit has never barked.

Then I heard a child cry. Children I have. Enough to come out of my proverbial wazoo. I'm not quite sure what a "wazoo" is, but it's quite likely that's where they did come out of. Except my last; he was cut out after giving the ob-gyn the single-finger salute (that's the only explanation for what his hand was doing down there)

Then I heard a wheezy, barky, tear-filled sob.

And now I'm wondering whether to head to the hospital now and wait in the ER all night; try to call my family doctor in the morning; or wait a few more hours and go to the hospital then.

The first time he had croup, we waited 4 hours in a crowded ER. He had a temp of 102. His O2 levels were around 80 by the time he got in. He was admitted and spent 3 days in hospital.

This is the fourth time. And even though the other two never got quite as bad as that first time, I always worry it will.

I'm a worrier. He started stuttering today. My mind immediately went to "brain tumour." Of course, my mind is more prone to go there given his NF and his recent MRI findings. But it was still a silly place to go.

I worry about this blog. It has been too long. I worry you'll all go away and never want to read me again. I broke a circle of reciprocity.

But I'm just being silly, right?


Kill the fatted calf. I'll be blogging from home or hospital tomorrow. Promise.


  1. sorry, who are you ;)

    Of course we will remember you and keep reading you silly tart. We love you. Crossing fingers and toes that it's not croup. xxx

  2. Aw my lovely, I hope all is well and he's much better today, will be thinking of you. x

  3. We're going nowhere. We're here waiting wishing you and yours all good thoughts. Take care.

  4. Dara, I kept checking in just in to see how you were doing and tried sending you a DM on Twitter awhile back. Sending good thoughts and big hugs your way!

  5. Oh twiddle and pish! We'll always be here! You can sit quietly in my google reader forever and I shall still not delete you!

  6. I think I landed here by accident. Who are you again?


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