Is It Really Necessary

Is it really necessary:

When making a typo during your long-winded facebook comment to then make another comment correcting your mistake? We all know it was a typo - nobody thinks you really believe actually is spelt actuallt.

When tweeting your blog posts to apologise for possibly tweeting them too much? If you think it's too much than we definitely do.

When commenting on someone's blog post to go back and comment about your own comment and ways it could have been misconstrued? Unless someone's arguing with you than leave your word analysis for your own blog 'kay?

When running a giveaway on your blog requiring people to follow you and three other people on twitter, like you on facebook, leave a comment, subscribe to your newsletter and get inbox rss delivery of your blog?Newsflash: your $30 commercial plunder ain't worth all that effort and your blog ain't worth the gold standard of inbox delivery.

Having three or four facebook pages for yourself, your blog and your public self and your alice-in-wonderland-ate-a-mushroom self and asking me to join them all? I'm going to get finger cramps scrolling past your thrice and frice? repeated posts.

When deciding someone you follow on Twitter is annoying and unfollowing them to then tweet an annoying tweet about how you're unfollowing them because they're annoying? Until we have #unfollowmonday or #um (who's with me?) keep it to yourself.

Subjecting your blog readers to your constant grammatical and spelling mistakes and declaring that your mistakes are what make you so readable? Take a grammar lesson and get a life.

Being a blogger who continuously writes critiques of how other people blog and handle social media in order to take out your frustrations with having a bad day?
Oh yeah, that one is necessary.

What's your pet peeve?


  1. riting lke this in ur FB update cos peeple thnk it make em sownd kool and down wit da kidz.

    Unless you are under 12 there is no excuse. NONE. It just makes you sounds like a twat. A really dim twat at that.

  2. Sulking and 'outing' people who've unfollowed you on twitter makes you sound immature and a little bit stalky. Where's your pride.

    Doing the same review that every other blogger has agreed to do. Especially if it's for a really crap product.

    Doing EVERY SINGLE linky, and lacking any originality. Surely you started a blog to give yourself a voice - where's it gone?

    Posting really crap, blurred pictures of the backs of people's heads on facebook, you don't need to upload the whole photo album so we see 10 pictures of the same shot and FFS turn your pictures so they are the right way round, it's not difficult.

    Asking me to vote for you in some random competition if you don't actually know me, sending me a private message on facebook to do this is going to make me very cranky, especially if you do it on a weekly basis.

    Oh and inviting me to events that are not even in the same continent let alone region - what's that all about?

  3. Being boring in general but then leaving comments everywhere that repeat the exact point of the person above you.

    Oh shit! I hope I didn't just do that.

  4. @Lynn: Hilarious. I like you

    @VB: Fuck the linkies. And the never-ending memes. And the reviews. Don't people writing those review blogs know that they only have followers because they want free shit.
    What about Auto DMing on Twitter to acknowledge the fact that I followed you. Makes me unfollow right quick, that does.

    @Dana: I know, right. They're so bad I never want to do a giveaway - even though there are a decent few I'm looking at. But really, I don't want to be a review/giveaway blogger.

    @Heather: What, didn't you know? I am only 12. Seriously....

  5. Like I was gonna comment on your post when like I like totally realized I hadn't gotten an opinion but I really like the blue of your page background. It's really sweet. And like you have lots of readers so can you like link back to me and can I like use your stuff on my blog to make mine more interesting?

  6. Fuck that. I culled 300 odd followers on Twitter recently. Good riddance.

    And I noticed today that I have 'lost' a follower on my blog.

    You know what? Bovvered, like, innit?

    LCM x

  7. It's really annoying when someone doesn't number their pet peeves so I have to count down to see which one I want to specifically comment on.

    When I can't find a "subscribe to comments" button on blog posts so that I get an email to remind my goldfish brain to check back.

    So, your number *scrolls back up and counts* SIX pet peeve is the one that I got a bit narked about the other week and acted as whistle-blower.

    *adds page to favourites to try and remember to check back later*

    And what VBin said about the linkys and memes (I wrote about THAT too) because I can't be arsed writing it all out again and copying one of the comments above mine.

  8. and I chose to ignore your last one because that's got ME written all over it.


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