Tattoo Placement

Husbands: if you decide to get a particularly ghastly tattoo on your upper arm, consider which arm to put it on by thinking about what side of the bed you sleep on and what your wife will see last thing before she closes her eyes at night and first thing when she opens them in the morning.

Poe's sad and haunting eyes have tormented me all night and caused me great terror (beyond that of discovering all three kids in my bed) in the morning.

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  1. Poe? Beats a mermaid I suppose or a chinese dragon breathing fire. As for me, I'm totally unblemished and unpierced and plan to remain so.

  2. What disturbs me is a) the hairy shoulder effect on Poe's pate and b) the fact that as the bearer ages, Poe's eyebags will droop even further southwards.

    Not a good combination, any way you look at it.

    LCM x

  3. Its a little sombre - I would be tempted to have something like a happy smiley face or a butterfly. Something cheery to look at first thing in the morning.


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