This Is What Sleep Deprivation Does To You or Ah Motherhood Part 2

Part 1
So although I knew on Friday that my toddler had an earache and although we went to the doctor yesterday where she advised he had a viral ear infection and although my son has been cranky, clingy, and upset all day, it took me until about 6:30pm tonight to realise that he had an earache. Tylenol works wonders.

Part 2
I avoid processed foods. We really avoid food colouring because of my oldest son's ADHD. Tongight I made macaroni and cheese. My son declared he only likes the macaroni and cheese from a box. He told me not to make it like I did last time (my homemade stuff). I will not buy macaroni and cheese in a box. The "cheese" sauce is more like chemical soup. So instead I pureed garlic, broccoli, corn, carrots, cheese and milk to make my own cheese sauce. I added a dash of mustard powder and a dash of tumeric. The colour was still a bit off. So what did I do? I dropped in some red food colouring.

Ah Motherhood: admitting our failures since Eve.


  1. Failures? I don't think so. Mother of invention you are; the original. Be proud of that.

  2. Red food colouring? That would be ace, my kids would be convinced I'd given them pasta swimming in ketchup - they'd wolf if down rather than pushing it around their plates and then skulking off to watch cartoons...


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