And Now for Something Completely Different

You know how you can make really good friends blogging. You come across another blogger who's style you like and watchyakno they like yours too and next thing you know your friendship is as solid gold as Elton John's Candle in the Wind.

You know what I'm talking, bout, right?

So anyway, of course the day will come when you feel like you want to reach out to that new friend, to give him or her something they'll really like. And since you can't slip him the tongue online or give her a home pedicure, you do the next best thing and give them a digital present.

Like this lovely one Heather from Note from Lapland sent me:

You see, because of our very special and strong relationship, she knows the tenderness in my heart for a good bit of monkey porn - or bonobo porn to be more specific.

And because of the very special relationship I have with a Very Bored Housewife, I know about her feelings regarding sexual encounters. She quite readily states:
For me, it really is a no brainer, if both parties are up for it (to coin a phrase) and there is no other party in the wings that may be hurt by this chance encounter then why not? 
So, for my lovely friend in Catalunya, I give this gift. Because I know she also feels like oxen have been ignored for far too long.

But wait! I'm not done. You see I have another close friend who also loves a good ox story. And I know for a fact that she's curious about the things men do and talk about and how beer is involved more than boobs so for her, I've found this historical presentation on what happens when a few men drink too much beer and get into a pissing match over whose ox is biggest  fastest.

So, Bianca, this is for you:

Now ladies, I dare your husbands to give you better gifts than those!

This oxcentric post has been brought to you by the crazed whims of my mind and the silliness of online chatting.


  1. I'd heard somewhere that ox tongue is quite a delicacy...

  2. do you think it's the loser they eat - ox i meant not the rider. Although....

    So pleased the monkey gift was much cherished...

  3. I love this post! Of course it's partly for me so it helps!! Can't stop laughing. Thanks for my special gift. You are a true friend x

  4. I sometimes buy ox tongue for sandwiches. Make of that what you will.

  5. I just sit on Twitter and laugh at it all..please stay friends!

  6. LOL-please don't send me any gifts :-)

  7. Hey, that wench stole my outfit! And my lederhosen. She left me with a wetsuit.
    And no ox.


    LCM x

  8. Guess what!? I'm passing along one of those blog fact thingies onto you! If you want to join in, come go here. http://jennihasgoneoutofhermind.blogspot.com/2011/03/yay-fun-fact-thingy.html

    Thanks for filling the blogosphere with your awesome self!


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