Who Am I?

My name is Dara but you may call me Mom - everyone else does.

Actually, don't. I hear it enough.

I'm a writer, a freelancer, a social media consultant and a mouthy snarkface. One of those will probably piss you off at some point. I'm willing to bet I know which one.

I'm a delightful mix between crunchy-granola crazy-hippy and uptight-conservative flaming crazy. Emphasis on the crazy.

You can find me on Twitter
or Facebook
or Pinterest
or Google (which, come on, no one uses)
and I'm probably in other places too but I can't keep track of it all.

I write a syndicated parenting column that appears in The Western Star newspaper. I'm also a staff writer at Aiming Low. Check me out. If you dare.

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  1. hah! fantastic. it's so hard to sum ourselves up in a sentence or two. and as moms, we wear so many hats, it's nearly impossible. it changes by the minute!


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