When I'm Not Here

My Column, "Readily A Parent," is published each Wednesday in The Western Star. You can read it here. But don't look at the headshot, 'kay? I'm way hotter than that now.

I'm also a staff writer at Aiming Low. You can see all my posts here. That headshot is a little better. No... it sucks. Don't look at it.

I maintain the website and social media for Baby Friendly NL. Go check em out - we're a bunch of hipster booby mamas.

When I was 16 I was published in Sassy magazine. But I'm not going to tell you what. Look through your old issues and see if you can find me. If you don't have old issues of Sassy you're probably not going to be my friend.

Okay, I lie. I don't have them anymore either.

But other folks think my writing is okay too. Namely (in no special order):
The Anglican Journal
Note From Lapland
London Mum
Today I Ate a Rainbow
New Day New Lesson

Oh, and my short story Raw Turnip was a finalist for the Cuffer Prize.

Yeah, I know there's more. I just am not a good filer-awayer-of-information.